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B. Lou and many others shout out Suburban King


Suburban King Reviews

C-Money Baby

"Dorian Dcasso Bradford

BOY!!!! This probably my favorite song on the album!!!! #SundayMorning"

Troy Hayes

"Shout out to the amazing @panda_gang_casso for allowing me to be a part of this AWESOME album now abailable on all streaming platforms!!!#Suburbanking"

Eman Jones

"I heard this album from start to finish and man it’s super dope! Dorian Dcasso Bradford is by far an outstanding artists!!! In this city a lot of times they discredit or don’t show love to the artists that maybe different! But ima tell you now it’s all about longevity and this man has it!!! One of the best albums from the city this year def top 5"

Tre Michael Williams

"Dorian Dcasso Bradford, this a beautiful piece of artistry you created and I'm excited for the journey this will take you on in your career.

Everybody check this album out, easily in rotation the rest of the weekend!"

Corey Gossett

"I’m blown away by Dorian Dcasso Bradford's album. Absolutely incredible. I’m not even over exaggerating when I say that it’s one of my favorite albums to come out in a long time. Please take the time to take a listen. You absolutely will not regret it."

Ryan Long

"You guys really need to give this album a listen and let it take you on a journey. Dorian Dcasso Bradford and everyone involved put in so much work and it shows!"


"THIS ALBUM IS SO GOOD!!! Dorian Dcasso Bradford really snapped and the production level on this bitch is wilddddd !!!"

Kory Gordon

"Dorian Dcasso Bradford There isn't a song on this album that I don't love. I can't say that about many albums. It's hard to pick a favorite but if I had to it would be Sunday Morning produced by Ash Matthews Suburban King is available on all streaming platforms!"

Nona Perez

"Yalll need to listen to his album

Imma be bumping this all day Dorian"

Haley Creech

"Dorian Dcasso Bradford

I literally had GOOSEBUMPS during my listen through. Your team has a lot be proud of because this album is LEGIT"

Mark Thomas

"VIBBBBEEEZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PandaGang Casso Dorian Dcasso Bradford Everybody involved put they foot in that muggggggg Smart Boy Studios !!!! Bouta listen 800 more times"

Clarence Mays

"Of all the engineers and producers I’ve met over the years, Ash Matthews has got to be one of the dopest for sure. I’ve been listening to the new Dorian Dcasso album and the engineering of this project is amazing, i definitely enjoy listening to his work.

Check out Suburban King: The Story of Westerly Dr. by Dcasso."

Da'Quan Preach Knuckles

"Yo I’m on a mini vacation but I promise y’all I’m soooo proud of my brother/friend/cousin Dorian Dcasso Bradford this album is getting all of the love that it deserves! I watched you first hand work your tail off on this thing! And I couldn’t be more proud as a fan/brother! I believe in your dream and you know that, but now everyone is seeing what I saw years ago when you was known as Lessins, then Kidd Growl then Dcasso lol! You’ve been at it for awhile and it’s great to see the work finally pay off! Much love brother and you already know when I get back we’re going to have a celebration!


P.S If y’all ain’t heard Suburban King: The Story of Westerly Drive then I have no clue what you are doing with your life"

Malcom Williams

"Brotha brotha brotha .. When I tell you this album was something I needed to hear ! I'm proud of you ! This definitely the one"

Derek Ramsey

Alright... Dcasso aka PandaGang Casso has been asking fan base what their favorite track is off "Suburban King: the Story of Westerly Dr." - well after listening front to back at least 10 times I've come to the conclusion that "Get What I Want" ft. D. Knight

is the one for me. The whole crew Smart Boy Studios always have put in 110% into everything - and without a doubt this entire tape is a front to back #instantclassic. Big shout out to

Ash Matthews in the studio engineering this masterpiece album & Morgan Freeman for narrating the project!

Link to the album in the first comment"

Ronnie Calzoen

"Sat with the tape for a few days before I posted anything and I can honestly say this is a solid album bro, glad to see somebody from the city making something original, keep putting on, this my personal favorite so far and n***** know I don’t post no fake support I gotta really rock with something to promote it Dorian Dcasso Bradford"

Awful Truth

"Ima need everyone to go check out the homie Dorian Dcasso Bradford new project this shit is straight the city has so many dope artists man we really going up this year!!!! Shout out to Smart Boy Studios for putting out this dope piece of art!!!"

Adam Moore

"Dorian Dcasso Bradford why did you do this bro ?! This album is the pure genius !! Y’all need to go listen to my bro’s album RIGHT NOW “Suburban King The Story of Westerly Drive” !! It’s on all platforms !! Listen bro you will get a Grammy in no time !! Keep grinding and striving for greatness !!"

King Jalaw Walker

"You did your thing fam all the way through no skips"

Mark Thomas III


Dorian Dcasso Bradford

project Mans the goat hadda get a signed one cuz this the take off!!!


Panda Gang Apparel Reviews

Rob Level

Shouts out Panda Gang

Lorea Turner

Rocking the Panda Gang Champion Hoodie


Mari Long

"When I first got the black and white panda strapback hat. The first thing I notice was how good the quality was. The logo was very detail and everything was just exactly right. A couple months later and its holding up as if it was still brand new. Great designs. Great prices. Great quality. You couldn't ask for more from an up and coming clothing line. "

Tan 1.jpg

David Tan

“Good quality shirts for the price! Very dope designs, I’ve had numerous strangers come up to me when I wear these shirts out. The customer service is top notch too, they responded to all my messages swiftly.”


Ariana Mojica

"Panda gang apparel is an amazing brand! The clothes are always comfy and true to size. You will not be disappointed with any purchase you make from them."


Jalynne Nuveman

"I love listening to Panda Gang ! After seeing the line of sweatshirts I had to grab the white crew neck! So glad I did it’s super comfy and soft inside! Grab yours for this fall weather coming!"

Ash hole.jpg

Ash Matthews

"This crew neck is HARD. and the Champion x PandaGang hoodie is probably the best hoodie I own now. Everything fits PERFECTLY. Even the Panda Gang socks are comfy."


Ashley Sanchez

"I received my merch today that I ordered from my favorite artist out of Ohio! Dorian Dcasso Bradford. Man this hat is perfect. Not too tight for my big ass head! I love the material and it is so comfortable! Thank you so much <3

P.S The delivery time was on point!!"